Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Newest update....haven't been on in a while!

Wow, I sure have been slacking!!!!! I haven't wrote on here in forever. Thought I'd update.

I'm 31 weeks pregnant, and feeling pretty good. My hips are still painful and I've had quite a few braxton hicks, but other than that nothing too serious!!!

We had quite the scare not too long ago. When we went in for our 28 week appointment, the doctor went to take Creeana's heartbeat. And something was definitely wrong. It didn't sound like it had in the previous weeks. We were sent to a heart specialist in Denver on May 5th. It was pretty nerve-racking, but ended up being okay. The doctors there reassured us that this heart issue is pretty common. Don't ask me the name of the diagnosis, because I couldn't pronounce it if I wanted to. They made it clear that I needed to be checked on weekly, to check Creeana's progress. If her heartbeat gets faster or beats more rapidly..we will be sent back to Denver. . but I can finally be at ease, knowing that weekly we get to hear her little heartbeat...and I have faith that it'll get stronger and stronger as the days go on. It's not a genetic thing, and there is not prevention really, things like that just happen. I do know that caffeine can bring this kind of problem on, and actually make it a lot worse than it is, but luckily I cut caffeine for the most part when I found out I was pregnant. Besides a few glasses of iced tea, and some chocolate....I haven't had any more. I wouldn't want the issue to get worse, so I'm thankful I made that choice not to drinking coffee and soda during pregnancy.

She sure is active, so it's not like I have to worry much. She kicks, punches, and wiggles around as much as she possibly can. I get sharp jabs now and then, and if I watch my stomach it'll jump all the time. Who knows what she's doing in there!!!!!

Ethen and I have been good other than that scary news. We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary this Sunday, the 15th. Ethen is taking me out to a fancy restaurant here in town. I'm excited! It's been an amazing year and I am looking forward to many more years with him and our new family. We went to Denver this last weekend for the baby's appointment, and for my brothers college graduation. It was a lot of fun, and we were glad to have one last mini-vacation before she comes. We will be heading to Cody at the end of May, but just for a quick trip for a wedding and what not. Not looking forward to the long, uncomfortable drive!!! Going to Denver was not fun on my hips!!!!!!

He has also been working on one of our basements that was unfinished. We're trying to get the majority of it finished before July! I think by the end of today we'll have the walls textured, so we'll just need some paint, and carpet and a few other little things. I'm very much looking forward to having that done. The next project after that is our backyard cement patio! So we're staying busy....but looking forward to meeting our little princess. We've already taken two infant classes. An infant care class (which was VERY imformative) and an infant feeding class, which taught us more about breastfeeding. Next is our labor preparation class and pre-hospitalization!!!! Looking forward to it!!!!!

Anyway, that's about it for us!!! Hope everyone is doing well :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13th, 2011

Well, we finally got some pictures done by my dad! I love them!!! I can't wait to get more done.
Ethen felt Creeana move and kick like crazy last night for the first time (for sure). He had thought he felt a few light kicks before, but last night it was a for sure thing. I absolutely LOVE feeling her move! Not too much is new......I'm feeling fine besides my hip and back pain still, nothing new there. We go to the doctor  for our OB appt. on my birthday, March 22nd...and we get our 3D ultrasound done on March 23rd!! I cannot wait!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New belly pic :)

There is it! 19 weeks and 4 days.......3 more days and hopefully (if the baby cooperates) we will find out the sex!!!!!!! Cannot WAIT!

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb. 11th, 2011

Hello!!! Thought I'd stop by and write again. Nothing too exciting to update on. I don't feel any bigger since the last time I took a no new news there! 
On the upside, in 10 days, exactly, we will be on our way to the doctor to find out the gender of this little one! I seriously cannot believe it's RIGHT around the corner. It's about time!!!! I cannot wait any longer! It's been interesting hearing everyone's opinions about this. My mom is completely opposed. She would rather us wait and let it be a surprise. The lady we went to, to file our taxes, said the exact same thing. But then a lot of other people are DYING to know the sex. I don't think it'll take away any of the excitement, what-so-ever, if we find out the gender beforehand. We're still going to have a wonderful blessing either way, and that's all that matters. I am just overly excited to find out, decorate, and be able to call my baby by it's name :). 
 I've been having tons of weird feelings going on. It's irritating sometimes, not knowing what a certain feeling is. Stretching, pulling, poking feelings. Never know if it's the baby or things shifting around to make room for the baby.Never know if it was a feeling I was SUPPOSED to feel, or not. All in all, I know it's normal, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm a worry wart and worry about every thing I feel. The other day in H&R Block, Ethen and I were sitting in the waiting room and the whole left side of my upper abdomen started vibrating, almost like the baby was having a seizure. It actually felt really cool, but when it started happening, I looked at Ethen like a deer in headlights, wondering what the heck was going on! Ha!! Sometimes I wish we had an ultrasound machine at our house so I could just peek in on the baby from time to time. Ha ha, I'm sure I'll get used to most of it...but until then, it's all so new, and I'm trying to process it all!!! Besides all of the "weird" feelings, I'm experiencing not so fun hip and back pain (still) Nurse has suggested physical therapy since the pain is sometimes unbearable...but I'm waiting it out, to see if it'll ever improve a little. :)

Ethen's parents were in town last weekend. We started working and finishing one of our basements, and it's looking great! I can't wait until it's finished!!! We were very thankful they came down and helped us! This weekend my brother is in town for the first time in forever, and we're going to go to dinner tonight, wish me luck as I'm going to eat hot wings. The baby is going to be very angry (as we've experienced it before) after I'm done. I don't know if it's so much the BABY, as it is my heartburn!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I better wrap this up.....hope everyone is doing well :) I'll update soon!!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

By popular demand...........

Okay, so I'm going to follow through with the promises. A lot of people haven't became "followers" of this blog...but I hope people are still checking it out because I've heard tons of people as for me to do this. I'm going to post pictures of the baby bump. I'm 17weeks, 2days. Ethen and I went and got some maternity clothes last night...(didn't find much yet, but I like what I did find!!)

This is what YOU see....
This is what I SEE! hahaha

Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

Well, I didn't think I'd be writing THIS soon lol, but I have some exciting news to share.

Today I was laying on the couch while Camden was napping, and I had just drank a glass of ice water. I started feeling these little flutters in my lower abdomen and it almost felt like little tiny bubbles were being popped. I don't really know how else to explain the feeling. I just laid there for a little bit, not thinking much of it. But, when it kept getting a little more intense I text some friends, and my mom and asked them if that's the baby moving. We're all thinking so. It was tiny, extremely light we could be wrong, but I'll continue watching for them. A lot of people said I was exact on what it felt like, but I guess we'll see! I'll keep updating. It felt really cool, so if it's the baby...I'll be drinking more glasses of cold ice water to feel this feeling until he/she gets a little bigger!!!!! Yay!!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan. 19th, 2011

Okay, I have a very picky Uncle. :-P. So, I'm writing again at his request. 

Each day I wake up, I feel bigger than the day before. I haven't gained any weight since my last appointment, but my stomach seems to be pushing it's way out more and more. I find myself unbuttoning my pants, and using a rubber band to keep them fastened. It's still not a "baby bump" but you can tell it's starting to form. If people didn't know me, they'd probably think I mowed down on one too many cheeseburgers the last few months. I'm kind of excited to get the belly though, I should probably go maternity clothes shopping soon, even though it may be a bit depressing at first. Ha! Totally worth it!

I've been having extreme lower back pain. When I worked at the Vet Clinic, I'm pretty sure I screwed it up picking up big dogs. It's hurt on and off since then..but the last few weeks it's been a constant, very uncomfortable pain; makes it hard to pick up kids all day long..but we're dealing with it! I've also been having what they call "round ligament pains" Basically, everything inside of me is shifting around, making room for this baby! I can deal with those pains, they are quick and sharp, and only happen at night. Nothing compared to the back pain. I can definitely tough it all out though, considering in a few months I'm sure I'll wish this pain was back and the pain I'll be experiencing would go away---ha ha!!!!!

Getting very excited for our appointment in about a month. We've had mixed opinions about finding out the gender of our little one..but we both agree we would like to know at least the first baby's sex so we can prepare and get everything ready before hand...not really using the "uni-sex" approach. I'd like to call my baby by it's name, also..makes it weird calling it, "it" all the time. :) 

Speaking of names......a lot of people have been asking, and YES we do have 2 names picked out. If the baby is a boy, his name will be Cayden James or Cayden Wayne. Spelling is kind of up in the air, as well as the middle name obviously. James is after Ethen's older brother, and Wayne is Ethen's father's middle name. Either way, we like them both :) For the little girl, it's a little more set in stone. . her name will be Creeana Justine (Cree is my middle name so we incorporated it into the name, and the middle name is after my amazing Grandma.)  When I told my Grandma we were eventually going to name our little girl (when and if we have a little girl)  Creeana Justine, she looked at me and rolled her eyes, and asked why.  We just laughed, and I told her she'd have to get over it. I look up to my Grandma very much, and it's important. That's what I told her, and she finally said "Okay" without much argument. (She knew she wouldn't win!!!!) 

Anyway...there the names are :) And the update. Other than these updates there is nothing new going on around here. We're both staying busy working and we've just been hanging out. I'll try to update a little more frequently, to make people happy!!!! 

Hope everyone is doing well!!

P.S Uncle Mike, I'd NEVER be a pain in anyone's butt other than that should answer that question! :P

Love, Britt