Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan. 19th, 2011

Okay, I have a very picky Uncle. :-P. So, I'm writing again at his request. 

Each day I wake up, I feel bigger than the day before. I haven't gained any weight since my last appointment, but my stomach seems to be pushing it's way out more and more. I find myself unbuttoning my pants, and using a rubber band to keep them fastened. It's still not a "baby bump" but you can tell it's starting to form. If people didn't know me, they'd probably think I mowed down on one too many cheeseburgers the last few months. I'm kind of excited to get the belly though, I should probably go maternity clothes shopping soon, even though it may be a bit depressing at first. Ha! Totally worth it!

I've been having extreme lower back pain. When I worked at the Vet Clinic, I'm pretty sure I screwed it up picking up big dogs. It's hurt on and off since then..but the last few weeks it's been a constant, very uncomfortable pain; makes it hard to pick up kids all day long..but we're dealing with it! I've also been having what they call "round ligament pains" Basically, everything inside of me is shifting around, making room for this baby! I can deal with those pains, they are quick and sharp, and only happen at night. Nothing compared to the back pain. I can definitely tough it all out though, considering in a few months I'm sure I'll wish this pain was back and the pain I'll be experiencing would go away---ha ha!!!!!

Getting very excited for our appointment in about a month. We've had mixed opinions about finding out the gender of our little one..but we both agree we would like to know at least the first baby's sex so we can prepare and get everything ready before hand...not really using the "uni-sex" approach. I'd like to call my baby by it's name, also..makes it weird calling it, "it" all the time. :) 

Speaking of names......a lot of people have been asking, and YES we do have 2 names picked out. If the baby is a boy, his name will be Cayden James or Cayden Wayne. Spelling is kind of up in the air, as well as the middle name obviously. James is after Ethen's older brother, and Wayne is Ethen's father's middle name. Either way, we like them both :) For the little girl, it's a little more set in stone. . her name will be Creeana Justine (Cree is my middle name so we incorporated it into the name, and the middle name is after my amazing Grandma.)  When I told my Grandma we were eventually going to name our little girl (when and if we have a little girl)  Creeana Justine, she looked at me and rolled her eyes, and asked why.  We just laughed, and I told her she'd have to get over it. I look up to my Grandma very much, and it's important. That's what I told her, and she finally said "Okay" without much argument. (She knew she wouldn't win!!!!) 

Anyway...there the names are :) And the update. Other than these updates there is nothing new going on around here. We're both staying busy working and we've just been hanging out. I'll try to update a little more frequently, to make people happy!!!! 

Hope everyone is doing well!!

P.S Uncle Mike, I'd NEVER be a pain in anyone's butt other than that should answer that question! :P

Love, Britt

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